Yantra means a machine.

Gems enhance all the effects, while Yantras enhance the benefic effects.
It is safer and economical to use yantra in comparison to gems.
Useful when planet is in a tricky or extremely weak/volatile condition.
Can be worn or kept at puja place/work place depending on objective.
Enhance the effects of your daily pujas.
Yantras can be made on Bark of tree, Copper, Five/eight metals, silver or Pure Gold.

Yantras and their significance

NavagrihaNavgreh yantra is yantra for all the nine planets made on a single sheet.

SuryaSurya, the center of our planetary system and giver of life to all is excellent for getting success in all areas of life along with improvement in status, recognition and fame.

ChandraIt is used to improve the creativity and imagination. It helps in giving control over the mind and is also instrumental in preventing cheatings.

MangalIt can increase physical strength and power along with giving control over anger.

BudhIt is used to improve grasp over education and business along with the nervous system. It is Helpful in controlling the senses along with money.

GuruIt is useful in improving health, life force, spiritual knowledge and status of the person and makes the person influential.

ShukraShukra yantra is very effective in enhancing the attraction in individual and it is also very strong when it comes to improving finances of the individual.

ShaaniIt is very effective in improving career or business of the individual. It can be used to improve the social status and authority.

Rahu It is helpful in getting relief from enemies and improves the knowledge of secretive subjects like research and tantra. It gives success in media and can also bestow immense wealth if used properly.

KetuThe ketu yantra is most effective to get success in spiritual matters and it is also helpful in reducing health problems related to nervous system or worms. It is also helpful in work related to clothing.

ShriShri yantra is associated with the goddess tripursundari, worship of who gives tremendous wealth and success in all areas of life.

BagalamukhiIt is effective in countering enemies/opposition and getting success in disputes.

MahamrutyunjayaMahamrutyunjay mantra as the name suggests is considered very powerful in countering even death like situations. Most helpful when it comes to health.

Santan GopalFor gain of progeny. Yantra for getting a child and a safe progeny. All your Prayers for progeny would be answered through this Yantra. This Yantra also prevents miscarriage during pregnancy. This Yantra gives protection to the children – gives them better health and helps them acquire better education.

SaraswatiIt is very powerful in educational and pursuit of all art fields.

KamadevIt is considered to be capable of bestowing immense attraction in the wearer/worshipper and making the individual successful in conjugal matters.