Predictions for November

Aries: This is a great month to get a teacher/ guide or guru particularly for higher studies and especially for spiritual guidance. There can be difference of opinion or opposition with seniors at work place. You will have to curb your hasty temperament and ego to prevent this from occurring. You will need to curb your aggressive behaviour when dealing with superiors , guides and teachers in order to get the best out of the present planetary transits.

Remedies: Orange is lucky color for you. Spend more time at place of education and learning and avoid places of conflict and sports.

Taurus: The best thing about you this month is your ability to identify problems even before they present themselves and nip them in the bud. You will have to be sensitive while dealing with the secret information you come across. You are likely to overdo things, over exert self in exercise so as ti strain body. Do too much work that again takes toll on health. There will also be a desire to get material things and even there you are likely to go overboard.

Remedies: Apply saffron or turmeric on forehead to keep calm and healthy. Give yellow lentil and honey to priest.

Gemini: You are inclined to do more physical activity this month to revitalize the body. Try to keep it in tune with present body conditions because you may overdo it. There will be more outdoor activities. There is aggression bordering on impatience when it comes to relationship or partnership related work.
You will have to keep yourself from resorting to physical aggression. Indulge in sports to vent energy. Its a great time for sports persons as they will perform well.

Remedies: Teal is lucky for you this month. Charity of milk and jaggery should be done. Ideal deity to worship this month is Durga.

Cancer: This month overcoming opposition and enemies is cakewalk for you. At work you are looking at getting a leading position and off course you will come out shinning. Some cancerians will be finishing off a debt, or repay part of it. You will be actively working on fixing your health and succeed in it. There can be some opposition or tiff in the romantic relationship due to your stubborn behavior, this needs to be looked at.

Remedies: Offerings made to Lord Subramanyum give best result. Pink and light shades of red are lucky for you.

Leo: Its time for you to reap the rewards of the efforts that you have been putting in specific projects be it at home or at work. Business people are likely to see their gains improve. Couples may have problem dealing with children as they will be a little extra energetic. Luck remains strong. Emotions will give way to logic and progressive approach. You will also see your opponents moving away in pursuit of their own desires and issues.

Remedies: Crimson is good for you. You can put jaggery in a river or near an anthill. Avoid dark shades of brown.

Virgo: You are likely to get emotional and use threats and strong language to try and get your work done. This will go against your eventually so you need to cool self off for some time. People at work may have to take up some executive work. Dont take things to heart and lose sleep over it. The riot of emotions in self may make you want to stay out of home for longer durations. You can use that energy in educational institution or at work.

Remedies: Lucky gem and color is emerald. Avoid foods that are hot in constitution. Keep a water bottle with you all the time

Libra: Your confidence is high, You are dynamic so you are capable of performing all the tasks and all challenges that come your way. This is greatest asset for you this month. Your partner is going to be like your friend and will walk with shoulder to shoulder and provide a supporting role. Dont expect support from others or even expect to have any friends. Students and professionals you can debate really well so if you need to debate or negotiate, this is the month to do it.

Remedies: Worship Narsimh to get best results in the month. Dark shades are lucky for you. Avoid shades of red.

Scorpio: It shows that you would stick with plan and strictly follow it both at work and at home. This will reflect in your speech too. You may have a tendency to get too harsh sometimes but you need to curb it to ensure maximum impact and successful implementation of your plans. There is clear indication of strong romantic activity. Your desire to travel will increase and some of you are definitely getting involved in adventure sports.

Remedies: You should fast on tuesdays this month and wear a red coral pendant. Eat a piece of jaggery before going for important work.

Sagittarius: There is constant flow of energy in you this month, making your energetic, exciting, positive, aggressive and optimistic making you a natural leader in anything and everything. Get very aggressive when it comes to making business negotiations. The competitive spirit in your will be very strong and at times take the better of you. You will definitely strive to improve yourself and achieve the best in you. Great time for persons into fitness and sports.

Remedies: Red colors are lucky so carry a red cloth in pocket at all times. Ruby is lucky stone. Put rice in flowing water.

Capricorn: Looks like you are taking final and strong action against your opposition at work and finishing it off comprehensively. You are likely to speed up communication as you become more and more aware of the situations. You need to keep control over temper as short temper or outburst can have negative effect on relationship. Control the impulses as it can cause unnecessary expenditure. Boys would be interested in getting new technology gizmos.

Remedies: Avoid chilly and spices in your food to reduce chances of flare ups. Consumption of banana is great and surround yourself with beautiful articles.

Aquarius: The transits are such that planets are going to make you want to bring about changes in the way you have been doing things. This is likely to increase the impact of what ever things you have undertaken. Business people are going to increase their income. You would want to do things just your way but remember that Elder siblings at home will be able to give profitable information and advice so pay attention to what they say.

Remedies: Tending to the sick at home or even in an institution will give very favorable results. Give unused medicines, lying at home, away.

Pisces: The planetary conjunctions indicate action at work place and a lot of upheaval. Things are being organized in a way so that you win recognition so its very possible that you are given additional responsibilities. You are a survivor and can come through in any of the most adverse situations. You desire to succeed itself will be very strong and thus you will also try to work as an individual in place of a team player.

Remedies: Consumption of garlic empty stomach in the morning will do wonders for health and work for you. Lucky color is Jade.

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