Monthly predictions October

Aries: The aries are leaning towards spirituality in the beginning of the month. There will be desire of moving towards attaining grand emancipation. There may be some spending done on performing religious or spiritual endeavors. You need to control your anger and ego this month in order to be productive and progressive.

Remedies: Golden color is lucky color this month. Avoid consumption of garlic this month. Give red gram away in charity.

Taurus: Your leadership qualities will become strong but that means you will be fiercely competitive and not be able to work with anyone this month. It will eventually work well but you will have to curb your tendency to get involved in fights else you will lose all the opportunities that are to come to you this month through friends and colleagues. Give upper back and neck ample rest and ensure they get proper exercise if you work on computers so no problem develops. Practitioners of holistic system will have a great month.

Remedies: Give Jaggery and other things in charity to saints. Try to Stick with Herbal medicines for health troubles.

Gemini: Its going to be a hectic month for professionals and office goers as you will be busy dealing with issues that crop up at work. This can be a dispute that comes up among the office people or with client. You will have to use your logic and knowledge to over come the issues and put things at rest. Students and home makers be ready to take care of bruised egos at home due to the clash of egos of males.

Remedies: Consumption of fruits is advised along with burning of incense in morning and evening. Give way horse gram and red gram in religious place or in charity.

Cancer: There are things you need to do, using your wits and all your intelligence, to overcome obstructions coming in the way of completion of tasks, which have been created by enemies or opponents. Yes spiritual progress is important but before that you need to take care of your responsibilities. Please remember that an ego tussle in this month will create delays for you for coming
five months, so avoid any ego tussle.

Remedies: Remove all unnecessary electrical equipment from office and your room at home. Give jaggery in charity.

Leo: You will have a tendency to get into the deeper meaning of everything and trying to understand every nuance of the situation. This is good when it comes to studies, research and for people who are into legal , medical, mining and other deep study professions. For others it can just become a waste of time and cause of delays. You also need to take extra care of health this month which will fix your digestive issues have troubled you in past.

Remedies: Lucky colors are olive and off white. Give woolen clothing or woolen rug away in charity to beggars.

Virgo: You are trying to understand the transformation and the developments that have been taking place on the relationship front in the recent times. The answers that come to you may make you want to rethink your approach and priorities when it comes to your partner. Remember that aggression is not good when it comes to these fragile commitments. You need to handle them with kid gloves. Business people may have to rethink or rejig their associations.

Remedies: Remove the unnecessary wires from the bedroom and from your work place to increase positive vibes.

Libra: The hidden enemies are coming out in the open and so it becomes easy for you to make plans on how to counter them. This may be preceded by a small show down at work place, remember its all for your good in the long run. You need to be extra careful while eating out to ensure you do not get any health issues this month. There seems to be some activity coming up in the maternal family which may require your contribution or help.

Remedies: Lucky colors are light pastel shades. Plant an ashoka tree on the roadside or near water body to improve positive energy.

Scorpio: You are likely to resort to unconventional methods in your approach to try and get things done. Else it appears that you will need to depend on others to get tasks accomplished in this month due to your inability to take action at the right time. Youth are looking at attraction to people from different class or background. Its a good time for students of fine arts and also of technical and medical studies.

Remedies: Plant the aloevera plant in your garden at home. Avoid darker shades of brown to ensure ideal functioning.

Sagittarius: You are likely to remain god fearing in this month and avoid doing anything that may harm others. This will go on to establish your reputation as a righteous person in your circles. Your thoughts will move away from the existing tasks at hand and move to a different plane. Students may face some obstructions in educational pursuits. Health of senior lady in the house may keep your occupied or worried.

Remedies: Put jaggery in a river or canal along with some rice and milk. Lucky color is white so keep a white hanky with you all the time.

Capricorn: You are a a very positive person this month saying yes to and agreeing to almost everything. It is a good way to go about things but you need to remember that this can also make others take you for a ride. Stay away from controversies and disputes as you are likely to face loss in that. Your friends are trying to help you and keep you out of trouble so listen to them and dont try to get into the minute analysis of their actions thereby turning things around.

Remedies: Saffron color is ideal for you this month. Consume saffron in milk for health and to ensure that you take sound decisions.

Aquarius: You are sitting on a potential massive gain and so you need to watch, what comes your way, carefully. Your decision can give you massive jump and raise you notches. Desire to travel to desert areas increases of work may come up in such areas demanding travel. There may be some misunderstanding in the family. You will definitely need to keep tab on your business and work related expenses.

Remedies: Make sure that you say your daily prayers this month. Use a little turmeric powder while taking bath to improve your aura and energies.

Pisces: Your motto early this month is just putting in your own labor and then enjoy the fruits of your hard work. This will be followed by a time for introspection to figure out what you have achieved and what you want to achieve in future. It will also give you deeper understanding of whats going on and give you firm grasp on what destiny has planned for you. Both the senior most and the younger males of the family are going to have a good time.

Remedies: You can give away blankets at religious place to be given to needy and plant a fig tree too if you want the best results. Wear anything other than black and grey.

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