Ketu with moon.. good or bad??

Student: Why is it , oh Guru, that you said that ketu does not cause problem to the moon?

Answer: This is a very pertinent question dear student. See that moon, controller of the mind and the cause of the seas to rise and fall. Moon is like a chanchal stream in the hills that flows wildly. Like water it takes the form of the utensil it is poured in. Has no shape of its own.

Ketu is the child of moon, the point in the sky that causes the solar eclipse when moon comes in the way. Ketu has no significance without moon and cannot harm the great sun.
The great life giver sun , the king of all the planets is afraid of ketu.

When you look around, everywhere you will see that ketu plays most important role in every aspect of life. No life can exists without ketu as ketu is the root of the plant as it is the seed of the human being. The badh tree, The great tree of wisdom and spirituality is an embodiment of ketu, so is the great peepal tree.

Ketu and moon share a complex relationship. Without Ketu, the root, moon as water will wash away all the soil and turn the land into a barren rocky plain.

Without water ketu will die and lie dormant just as it lies dormant when moon does not come across it , ketu lies dormant.. only when the moon pours itself on the position of ketu does ketu come to life and devours the sun.

Ketu represents the divinity and ketu close to the moon means that the mother of the native has special spiritual knowledge and also the maternal grandparents are of spiritual nature. Even the grandmother of the native will be of religious temperament and would be specially engrossed in doing charity and feeding of the poor.

Ketu close to the moon will give stability of thought to the native just as water slows down and stops in the small puddles that are formed near the roots of trees close to the stream. It will anchor the natives mind with the guidance of the mother.

Disciple: Why is it oh guru that you said that ketu is like child of moon?
Guru: Dear student ketu and rahu are called chaya greh, the grehas that put their chaya on earth and moon. These are not planets but positions on the horizon that cause the eclipse of sun and moon. These positions are on the orbit of the moon around earth. If the moon were not there rahu and ketu could not exist just like The children canot exists without the parents That is why moon has been referred to as the parent of ketu.

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