General Predictions for February

Aries: The month is ideal to prevail over your health troubles. You can use your strong head to overcome the biggest problems or troubles. You can and will be the pillar of strength for all around you. Some of your opponents will try and create some trouble for you but thats all they will do…try without any success. Your intuition will be so strong that you will be able to derive benefit out of any given situation. Health will mostly be good. Some aries need to be careful while driving as chance of accidents are there but it depends on your natal chart. Romance takes a backseat this month. Your successful endeavors will bring you recognition in almost all the tasks that you undertake.

Remedies: Consumption of bananas will create positive energies for you. Giving things to blacksmith in charity will give auspicious results. All shades of red are lucky for you. Browns should be avoided under all circumstances.

Taurus: Good thing about this month is that you dont need to do anything special to remove obstructions. All obstructions go away and even people who are trying to created trouble for you themselves get into trouble, thus giving your respite on one front. Waiting to hear about your match or about relationship development from a distant place? You would be hearing about it this month. Students who have been applying overseas for studies will also start hearing about it. Its relatively easier to understand the technical subjects. Keep the tendency of jumping to conclusions under control for a few weeks.

Remedies: Staying well dressed is the tip of the month. Consumption of sweets is good too. White will be lucky color. Give the asanas made of kusha in charity to priestly class.

Gemini: Romance is highlighted for geminis in this month. The romantic in you will be working overtime. The lady luck is supporting you too. Professionals need to completely change their approach to ensure higher income levels this month. Those who faced trouble on work front last year, its time to move ahead towards prosperity and progress as the worst is over now. Things that been a sort of enigma for you will become crystal clear without having to put any effort. There will also be opportunity to change job and relocate for the change.
Avoid eating hot foods and reduce intake of hot beverages for better health through the month.

Remedies: Dark shades work for you this month for any time of the day, so try and stick to dark shades. Give turmeric and yellow clothes in charity.

Cancer: Your capabilities to gain in any given situation are going to be top notch this month. It will be so good that it will border on cheating and you will have to control yourself from taking undue advantage of others. Intuition too is expected to be good. Making friends with people from distant place or with people from overseas can present a challenge but rewards will be more than sufficient. Save self from the cold air and take plenty of nourishment as there is likely to be nose of throat trouble or problem to skin.

Remedies: Shades of green and off white are lucky colors this month. Try and wear silver chain or pendant this month. Give green lentil in charity to get better results.

Leo: The focus is completely on the relationship aspect for Leos this month. You will have a knack to pick and associate with right people when it comes to relationship and also move step further in existing relationship. Caution is still advised as some Leos are very likely to face cheating at the hands of their partners. You need to be particularly careful when it comes to business associations and dealings. Health will be good and there is every chance of sea travel or indulging in water sports. Students, your own efforts will bear fruits for you as this month rewards are in direct proportion to your

Remedies: Lucky to wear silver and whites this month. Avoid black and browns. Give rice in charity to get good results in the month.

Virgo: Looking for a job? Its an ideal month to start sending out messages and information. Those who have initiated the process in the past are likely to hear some positive news. It is good to initiate dialogue with your friends turned foes or your natural enemies. This may be a little uneasy and seem to be going against you but it will bring you respite and calm. You can even go ahead and nurture a better relationship with them in the future. Nothing can go wrong with your health unless you go out of the way to create health trouble for self.

Remedies: Eat a lot of greens and juices to keep yourself healthy and detoxify the body. Grey is good and using a lot of colors will make it even better. Charity of horse gram is ideal.

Libra: Romance is highlighted for Librans this month. Make new friends, associate with new people and start new romantic relationships. Gather knowledge ? Yes… Intuitive? Very much.. What about studies? Peace of cake. Is there anything that you can do wrong this month? Argue or fight and mess up your existing relationships. So stay away from arguments and fights. Its also time to wash away the wound of previous troubled relationships and look at the future. Its also time to reign in the mind, think logically and take a decision for a better future.

Remedies: No whites. Yes to golden and creams. Turmeric will do you a world of good. Give mud pots in charity to overcome obstacles.

Scorpio: There seems to be a tussle going on between logic and emotion. The mind has been a bit of Achilles heel for you. The turmoil in the mind is soon going to come to end and you will be able to stabilize your ideas and move in one direction. It is also a good time to assess your relations and also take definitive decisions about education. Expect to be center of attraction and charming so make use of this charm and turn things in your favor. You will have a sweet tooth but remember excess is things is bad.

Remedies: Recitation of Ashtlakshmi stotra will do wonders for you. Give beans in charity and try and wear silver star.

Sagittarius: Focus is friends and siblings. You can expect help from either of them at the most unexpected times and in the time of need. The new friends that you make this month may last your life time. There may be some misunderstanding with siblings which you have to work over. It will be much less stressful if you just put your logic aside and flow with your emotions. Dont expect support or fairness from the fair sex if you are not related. Students will have to change their approach towards understanding and remembering their subjects for more effect.

Remedies: Add a few tulsi leave to your tea or milk to keep self fit. Consumption of amla will be really good. Give bananas or the banana plant away in charity.

Capricorn: You will come across as more emotional these few weeks which means it is good time for artists and people who are in the public domain. There will be some pressing issues that are in your mind pertaining to relationship but It is not a good time to sort out relationship issues. Leave them as be because you can only cause more harm this month. You will be particularly attracted towards beauty. Be wary of people who are being too sweet to you. Excess hot and warm foods can give you stomach trouble. You will love to spend time out in the open.

Remedies: Give wheat in charity. Recitation of aditya hrudyum is ideal this month for health. Avoid too much of direct sun.

Aquarius: You are moving towards finding a logical solution to the obstructions that have been bothering you for the past month and causing you loss. You will be able to get a resolution in the first week itself and overcome the adversities. Yes your imagination will help you and yes you can get away with a bit of bluffing this month but dont stretch your luck or it will come back to bite you. A new work related opportunity is also in the offing. Its a good time to grab the new opportunities if you are associate with print media or arts in any form.

Remedies: Avoid foods that cause gas. Meditate regularly this month to get clear vision and focus. Feeding dogs will help in removing small obstructions that may come.

Pisces: You should expect to do some spending on matters related to education. IT may exceed what you had planned for but dont worry too much about it as it will all be worthwhile. There can also be some expenses. Travel certainly is on the cards, it will be particularly more so for professionals and business people. Carry on do what you need to do. Youth can expect romantic relations with person from a distant place. People who are in relationship, may find their partners to be drifting away. Dont worry too much about it, its just a temporary phase.

Remedies: Consumption of turmeric and banana is beneficial. Avoid plain milk. Feeding the fish and getting an aquarium can be much more fruitful than you can imagine.

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