Gems stones: How do they work ?

” Can i wear a gem stone to end my problems?” This is a question that i have been asked numerous times over the year.

A lot of students and astrologers are at a loss of words. Some people will tell you that wearing a gem stone will end all your problems and having seen someone in family or friend circle wearing gem stones gives us reason to believe these words. Then On the other hand some ill read astrologers tell people that gem stones are completely ineffective.What do you believe?

Are gem stones effective? YES they are effective. I will explain it in simple terms for both astrologers and laymen to understand. When you get an infection and you fall ill, the doctor gives you an antibiotic and a vitamin supplement. If you do not take the antibiotic and keep eating vitamin supplement you will not recover. You may feel a little better but your infection wont go away. This is neither the fault of doctor nor the fault of vitamins. The job of vitamins is to supplement while the antibiotics will do the actual work.

Here the gems stones are Vitamin supplements and they will do their desired work when they are worn in tandem with parihar pujas (which are like antibiotics).

When do i wear a gem stone? If you take vitamin supplements with doctors advice regularly then you remain healthy and less likely to get an infection.Similarly you wear gem stones when everything is fine so that things do not go bad. Once things have already gone bad… then the gem stones will help you only with performing of remedies to the problematic planets.

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