Health Assessment And Forecast

Nadi gives clear reading on foreseen and unforeseen health issues. The causes are identified, time frame and remedies given to reduce effects.

Different planets control different parts of the body.Some examples are:

SunControls the bones, Right eye.

MoonControls mind, blood, phlegm.

MarsControls rbc, muscles, cuts and injuries.

MercuryControls speech, skin, ears and entire nervous system.

JupiterControls Liver, digestive system, lungs can cause digestive system disorder

VenusControls eyes and reproductive organs in women.

SaturnControls legs, fat, causes rheumatism, chronic diseases, asthma etc.

RahuCauses poisoning, snake bite, malignant diseases.

KetuKetu causes problem to nervous system, allergies and infectious diseases.