Dark Circles around eyes

Dark Circles around eyes: What causes them, speaking strictly, astrologically.

Dark circles are a clear indication of emotional baggage, the major factor being stress…which again is an emotion.

So simplest way is to get control over the emotions….which is easier said than done.

So how is astrology involved here?
Emotions are controlled by moon. Moon not only controls the blood but also the phlegm in the body.

When emotions are running high….be it any emotion, anger, sorrow, stress… expel the phlegm which will bring emotions under control. This will reduce the dark circles and keep them in check.

Yes, you may even get rid of them.

If one has problem expelling the phlegm use steam by adding Karvol capsule in the water.
Please do not consume milk without turmeric paste or saffron. These are the only two things that will keep milk from increasing the phlegm.

Drinking water and milk in silver ??? Get gold glasses or gold plating done. Even glass would do, but no steel or crystal please.

Do this for 3 weeks and see the difference.

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