Astrology and Heart Disease

Lets do an astrological reasoning of heart disease and the planets involved in creating the problem. This falls under medical astrology.

First let us see which all planets on getting afflicted can cause heart disease.

  1. Sun: Controller of bones and hence calcium in the body. The calcification of heart valves or blockage can cause heart failure.
  2. Mars: The controller of muscles and RBC in body and heart is muscle weakening of which causes problems to heart
  3. Moon: The blood when impure leads to nutrition not reaching every part of the body or accumulations of toxins leading to problems.

The above mentioned planets upon getting afflicted or weakened in the natal chart lead to heart disease.

What is the affliction?

SUN: The primary affliction of sun a luminary is caused by the Chaya greh Rahu and Ketu. Whether sun is placed with rahu or ketu or in the same direction as rahu ketu or even placed in the nakshatra of rahu or ketu. The degree of affliction and hence the degree of the disease will vary. When they are together in same house the condition will be worse, lesser for direction and so on.

Mars: Ruling deity Lord Kartikay, the senapati of devtas. His biggest enemies again are the nodes Rahu and Ketu. He could also get afflicted by deep combustion by sun or obstruction by sani. The principle of direction and nakshatra applies for nodes.

Moon: The luminary gets afflicted by the nodes or can get afflicted even by debilitated mars or Saturn. Saturn alone will not cause any major heart problem to the moon and thus native but in combination with any other planet the problem can become acute.

Timing of heart disease. SATURN is the deciding factor for timing any event , along with that even RAHU will give the reader a good idea of the timing of heart disease to come to fore. Please remember that this is just a basic indication and all the nine planets need to be analyzed before making the prediction.

The learners of the medical astrology can come forward with their observations.


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