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by yash sharma on Blank Business Name
abnormal child

please check yash sharma's future! his birth day date is 16-03-2005

by A.K.Sharma on Blank Business Name
Got a job with your guidance

I am 40 and have been out of job for a year. I was directed to nadi by a friend. I got a job with in 2 months by following nadis advice. Thank you so much nadi

by Rohit kumar Srivastava on Blank Business Name
I want to know about my love marraige

Respected sir,
My name is Rohit kumar srivastava,i am from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Sir I love with a girl see live near my apartment and she also love me. Our fathers are good friends. I want to know is our love will be successfull and will we get married in future. Her name is Nilu Kumari.

My full specification:-
Name - Rohit Kumar Srivastava
Date of Birth - 09 december 1985
Place of Birth - Asansol (W.B.)
Time of Birth - 6.00 AM

Please provide details of the girl too

by Derek Warkenthien on Blank Business Name
You are a astrology rockstar

Nadi is a Astrology RockStar! He is fast and spot on! I recommend Him to anyone! Blessings my dear Friend Nadi! 🙂

by Paul K on Blank Business Name
Got good job like you predicted

ive been out of a good job for a little over three years, been stuck in low paying jobs. You told me I would get a better job in December and that's exactly what happened. It was unbelievable because before this, I would try and try to get a better job and I was unable to. But you certainly gave me guidance and I used it and now I have a job that I can now say thanks to you. otherwise I probably would have missed my opportunity. Thank You

Glad to know you have got a good job

by K.Abraham on Blank Business Name
Thanks for alerting me on health

Thank you for alerting me to see a doctor on my health condition. I was very skeptical and didn't do anything until I started to be in pain. You were right

by Cap. El on Blank Business Name
You diagnosed me

In my reading you had told me to get my uterus checked. I did and they found cyst. If i were late i could not have kids. Thank you so much.

Perfect timing

I got a new job heading country just like as you told me that i will in December.

You are a great astrologer

I want to say thank you very much for the mantra you gave me a year ago. If it wasn’t for you id be extremely sick and very unhappy.
I definitely have the utmost respect for you because you have given me a chance in life . THANK YOU!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Best spiritual guide

More and more we realise that there are things that books, elders and television can't explain. Spiritual realm dominates more of our lives than any other science. You have given meaning to the vaguest of my concerns. You have made sense out of the most ambiguous of the issues. Be it good or bad. I am lucky in the truest sense. One of the most accurate and best spiritual guides of his times. Anonymous 11/10/1978.

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