At all payment subscriptions are paid by the members with no auto renewal options. Once the payments for services are made and successful payment confirmation is given by the gateway service provider, the premium services are immediately activated by us instantly. It is non-refundable. Apart from the membership if you take any other services like learn astrology, pujan, yantras etc then amount paid to the site and successful payment confirmation given by the gateway service provider then payment will be non-refunded.

In case the user has not logged in to see these premium content after a successful payment, the user may send an email to asking for rectification. All such requests received within 2 days of payment confirmation subject to not having logged in after making payment shall be considered on a case to case basis.

Requests received after a user has logged in to see the premium content or beyond two days of making payments will not be entertained.

We at do not ask or store credit card information of our users and at the moment there is no automatic renewal of membership services.

If any deficiency / disruption in service rendered is brought to our notice and confirmed by us, the user will be entitled to extension of premium membership equal to the duration of disruption by the user.

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